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Title :ascent. surgical workshop
Date : 2024-06-30
Place : Ambedkar municipal general hospital, kanivali, mumbai
Description : Honored and privileged to serve as a surgical faculty member for ASCENT 24. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience demonstrating a coblation adenoidectomy and tonsillectomy case to delegates from across India and budding ENT surgeons from 30 medical colleges. Main moderation was done by prof Kirtane and others in taj palace hall of taj hotel in Mumbai, I'm delighted by the appreciation the surgery received from all attendees. A special thanks to Padmashri prof Kirtane and Team ASCENT for providing this incredible opportunity and for their excellent organization of the event. It was truly humbling to receive praise from prof. Kirtane himself for my innovative skills, speed, and accuracy.
Title :International otology workshop (iow 2024)
Date : 2024-06-02
Place : bombay hospital & medical research centre
Description : The International Otology Workshop was an incredible experience! I had the privilege of performing in front of an audience of at least 350 delegates and it was truly an unforgettable moment. Thank you to the amazing organizers(special thanks to Meenesh Juvekar )who made this event possible and to everyone who attended. Your support and enthusiasm were truly inspiring. Looking forward to many more opportunities to learn, share, and grow within this community
Title :19th national conference of orlhnsb
Date : 2024-05-05
Place : Cox's bazar, bangladesh
Description : "I am truly honored and thrilled to announce that I have been invited as a foreign faculty for the prestigious national conference in Bangladesh. I am looking forward to sharing my insights and engaging with esteemed colleagues from around the world. A heartfelt thank you to the organizers for this incredible opportunity. Congratulations on a successful conference.
Title :National fess & Anterior skull base surgery course
Date : 2024-04-27
Place : Bengaluru
Description : Learning never ends. With Dr. Sanjay Agarwal and Dr. Deepak Haldipur (both ex-president of aoi), congratulations Dr. Deepak Haldipur and team for successful sinus and ant skull base cadaver dissection course.
Title :International Live Endoscopic Sinus & Skull base Conference 2024
Date : 2024-04-22
Place : National Institute of ENT, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Description : Excited to share that I've been invited as a foreign faculty member for the sinus and skull base workshop in Bangladesh! Grateful to Prof Zakaria Sarker Sir, prof Alamgir Chowdhury sir prof Ashiq Bhuiyan sir and prof Abdul Matin sir for a fantastic and successful conference. Thank you for the opportunity.
Title :3rd APLA Congress on Voice, Airway, Shalllowing
Date : 2024-03-10
Place : Dhaka, Bangladesh
Description : "Grateful for the opportunity to serve as a guest international faculty at the APLA Congress in Bangladesh! A big thank you to the organizing committee, especially Dr. Prof. Kamrul Hassan Tarafder, for putting together such a fantastic conference. Looking forward to more collaborations and learning opportunities ahead! #APLACongress #Bangladesh #InternationalFaculty"
Title :ENT Masterclass on Sleep Apnea.
Date : 2024-02-25
Place : AIG Hospital in Hyderabad
Description : I recently had the incredible opportunity to demonstrate live surgery at AIG Hospital in Hyderabad, (great set up headed by Dr Kishore) focusing on airway problems related to sleep and obstructive sleep apnea. It was an honor to be invited as a faculty member alongside esteemed doctors Srinivas Kishore and Vikas Agrawal and Dr. Manju for this masterclass. Grateful for the chance to contribute to the field and share knowledge with such esteemed colleagues! Looking forward to more opportunities ahead.
Title :Temporal Bone Dissection Workshop
Date : 2023-12-03
Place : Ghosh ENT Foundation, Unit II
Description : Hands-on training programs are incredibly valuable for doctors as they allow them to sharpen their skills and expand their knowledge in a practical setting. The inauguration of the new temporal bone lab in honor of Dr. Dipankar Mukherjee and Dr. Kamalendu Halder is a testament to their contributions and the impact they have made in the field of otology. It's heartening to see medical professionals supporting and uplifting one another, as this kind of collaboration fosters growth and development in the medical community. It's a wonderful initiative by Ghosh ENT Foundation, and it speaks to their commitment to advancing patient care through continuous education and training.
Title :Live Surgical workshop on MICRO-EAR SURGERY
Date : 2023-09-23
Place : Chandra Banquet
Description : Happy to share that I was invited by Udichi ENT and head neck hospital, Kolkata as a guest faculty to conduct a live surgery workshop on September 23rd and 24th September, It went well, The cases were wonderful, the lectures were well done, panel discussion was fabulous, the hospitality was great. Kudos to the organizing team for making it successful. It is always challenging to demonstrate surgeries in front of stalwarts and learned ENT surgeons and I love to do it. I'm really grateful for the other two legends, guest faculty Dr. Ashim Desai and Prof Padmashree, Dr Mohan Kameswaran for their kind words. Special thanks to Dr Kamal Halder, Dr Kollol Das, Dr Debratan Nandy, Dr Anirudddha Bose for inviting me to do a live surgery workshop.
Title :Hand's on Coblation workshop - cum CME
Date : 2023-09-15
Place : Nemcare Hospital, Guwahati
Description : Happy to share that I was invited by Nemcare hospital and Nebaoi Organizing committee to conduct live surgery workshop on 15th September. It went well, the cases were wonderful , lectures were well conducted and hospitality was great. Kudos to the Organizing team for making it successful.
Title :Interanion Master-Class in Otogoly
Date : 2023-09-10
Place : Ghosh ENT Foundation, Unit II
Description : Dear prof P.K. Morwani, Dr. Madhuri Mehta, Prakash Moonka, Dr P.k. Moonka, and prof. S.k. Ballav, I hope this message finds you well. I wanted to extend my heartfelt thanks for your contribution in making the recent workshop on surgery arrangements and organization a resounding success. It was indeed a great challenge to demonstrate surgeries to almost 100 physical delegates and nearly 1000 online delegates. With the grace of God and the collective efforts of dedicated professionals like yourselves, we were able to overcome this challenge brilliantly. Your expertise, knowledge, and passion for the field played a crucial role in making the workshop a memorable and impactful event. Out of the 14 cases we aimed to demonstrate, we were able to successfully showcase 10. This achievement is a testament to the exceptional skill and commitment exhibited by our team. I would also like to express my gratitude to all the delegates and supporters who attended the workshop. Your active participation and engagement immensely contributed to the overall success of the event. Once again, I extend my sincerest appreciation to each and every one of you for your invaluable contribution to this workshop. Your dedication and professionalism are truly commendable. Thank you once again, and I look forward to more collaborative endeavors in the future.
Title :Live Surgical Workshop on Coblation Adenotonsillectomy
Date : 2023-08-26
Place : Tripura Medical College and Bram Teaching Hospital
Description : Happy to share that I was invited by Tripura Medical College and Bram Teaching Hospital to conduct live surgery workshop on 26th August. It went well, the cases were wonderful, lectures were well conducted and hospitality was great. Kudos to the organizing team for making it successful.
Title :Live Surgery workshop - Hybrid
Date : 2023-08-05
Place : Trustwell Hospital, Bangalore.
Description : On the 5th of August ENTrain workshop was held by Trustwell Hospital Bangalore. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have participated in the hybrid live surgery workshop, where I had the privilege of demonstrating few cases from our hospital to ENT doctors from all over India. The virtual platform allowed us to bridge geographical distances and share valuable knowledge seamlessly. It was truly inspiring to witness the collective expertise and dedication of the attendees, who actively engaged and exchanged insights during the workshop. I m really gratefully to organizing committee, it was really amazing experience to do live surgery Infront of nearly 2000 ENT surgeons.
Title :International masterclass in Laryngology
Date : 2023-07-30
Place : Ghosh ENT Foundation, Unit II
Description : he recently concluded Live Surgery Workshop on Laryngology was a phenomenal success! We were ecstatic to welcome delegates from various parts of the country and even from abroad who joined us for this incredible event. ???? It was a platform for sharing and advancing knowledge in the field of laryngology. The workshop featured renowned experts, who shared their expertise and demonstrated cutting-edge techniques in live surgeries. Attendees had the opportunity to witness firsthand the latest advancements in laryngology. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the delegates and participants who made this event a resounding success. Your active participation and enthusiasm contributed to the vibrant and enriching atmosphere throughout the workshop. We hope the knowledge and skills gained during this event will greatly benefit the field of laryngology. Thanks Dr. prof Amitabha Roychoudhury Dr Rakesh Srivastava prof Sudhangshu Kumar Ballav, Dr Kamrul Hasan Tarafder and prof Asraful Islam sir for making it successful.
Title :Surgical Course on FESS & Skull Base Surgery
Date : 2023-07-01
Place : Sylhet, Bangladesh
Description : I'm overjoyed to share that I was invited as an international guest faculty as an operating surgeon, alongside another famous esteemed surgeon! This incredible opportunity allows me to collaborate with surgeons from around the globe, exchange knowledge and experiences, and contribute to the advancement of surgical practices. I'm incredibly grateful to the organizers for this invitation special thanks prof Dr Manilal Aich Litu.
Title :Live ENT Surgery Workshop
Date : 2023-06-04
Place : Ghosh ENT Foundation, Unit II
Description : "We are thrilled to announce that our surgical conference at the Ghosh ENT hospital was a huge success! It was an incredible opportunity to learn from some of the best surgeons in the field, and we feel honored to have hosted such a prestigious event. Thank you to everyone who helped make it possible!
Title :Live Surgery Workshop on OSA
Date : 2023-05-21
Place : Ghosh ENT Foundation, Unit II
Description : Congratulations to all the talented surgeons who participated in the successful surgical workshop! Your dedication and expertise in the field of medicine are truly commendable. A big thanks to the organizers and Dr Vikash Agarwal and staff who made this event possible. We hope to see more groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in the field of surgery in the years to come
Title :Travel Fellowship Program
Date : 2023-12-10
Place : Ghosh ENT Foundation, Unit II
Description : Pleased to announce that Ghosh ENT foundation, Kolkata, India was selected for travel fellowship program with Bangladesh endoscopic sinus and skull base society(BESSBS). Today 5 ENT surgeons completed their travel fellowship program. We feel really honored.
Title :Travel Fellowship Program
Date : 2023-05-15
Place : Ghosh ENT Foundation, Unit II
Description : Pleased to announce that Ghosh ENT Foundation, Kolkata, India was selected for travel fellowship program with Bangladesh endoscopic sinus and skull base society(BESSBS).Today 5 ENT surgeons completed their travel fellowship program. We feel really honored.
Title :Opening Ceremony of Ghosh ENT Foundation, Unit II
Date : 2023-04-30
Place : Ghosh ENT Foundation, Unit II
Description : Ghosh ENT Foundation, has come up with Eastern India's first ENT Super-specialty Centre with world class infrastructure and state-of-the-art service, in the esteemed presence of Shri Sujit Bose, Honourable Minister of Govt of West Bengal; Smt Krishna Chakraborty, Honourable Mayor BMC; Shri Banibrata Banerjee, Mayor in Council (Ward No 33); Smt Tulsi Sinha Ray, Mayor in Council (Ward No 40); along with Dr Tushar Kanti Ghosh and Dr Arundhati Ghosh. Ghosh ENT Super-specialty Centre, Kolkata founded by Dr Tushar Kanti Ghosh, eminent ENT surgeon comes up with a new address with newest technologies of international level. It is one of its kind ENT Super-specialty Centre providing a broad spectrum of surgical as well as medical services for the disorders related to ear, nose, throat and neck. The highly skilled team of ENT specialists with well-equipped latest technologies to perform endoscopic nasal surgeries, ear and cochlear implants. It provides medical solutions of international level within affordable expenses. Present on the occasion, Dr Tushar Kanti Ghosh, city's noted ENT surgeon & founder of Ghosh ENT Foundation said, "The journey has been exhilarating so far... In recent times Adenoidectomy - the surgical removal of the adenoids (tissues located behind the nose and
Title :Live ENT Surgical Workshop
Date : 2023-02-26
Place : Green Heals Hospital, Silchar
Description : It was an immense pleasure yet very challenging to demonstrate surgery In a different set up, different ot but wake up thanking God I get to do this. Thank you to the extraordinary Kripamoy Nath Dr kripamay Nath and organizing team for giving me this opportunity, I have done 5 paed osa cases with coblation and one laser Stapedotomy case, I m happy I have inaugurated this laser, congratulations to the organizing team for such a fantastic organization and lovely set up. I should mention the brilliant Gautam Khaund Dr Gautam Khound. It was a pleasure having him as my Co faculty.
Title :AOICON 2023
Date : 2023-02-03
Place : BM Birla Auditorium, Jaipur
Description : It was a pleasure to be invited to aoicon 2023 as a key note speaker, a very big congratulations for excellent conferenced and thanks to the organizing committee for giving me this opportunity.
Date : 2023-01-22
Place : Magical College S.S.G. Hospital, Vadodara
Description : The VAD-OTO-CON was held on the 21st and 22nd of January in Medical college and SSG hospital of Vadodara. It was an honour being invited as the operating surgeon alongside the brilliant@ Dr Ravi Ramalingam Their hospitality made me feel so comfortable throughout these two days. Workshops like these remind me how truly grateful I am to be in this line of work with such amazing and incredible people. I was a part of the live surgery , reverse Stapedotomy, ant window technique interlay tympanoplasty and inside out mastoidectomh with ossiculoplasty alongside lecture. A huge huge congratulations to Dr. Ranjankrishna Aiyer the medical superintendent and Ent head for hosting this event with such graciousness
Title :2nd International Coblation Live Surgical Workshop
Date : 2023-01-14
Place : Khulna City Medical Collage Hospital, Bangladesh
Description : Dreams do come true, surgery done Infront of many ENT legends of Bangladesh, 2 paed osa case and one full house fess(functional endoscopic sinus surgery)Thanks prof ballav and organizing team for giving me this opportunity and also many many congratulations to Sudhangshu Kumar Ballav (prof ballav sir) for organizing such a fantastic live surgery workshop.
Title :7th International live Endoscopic Sinus & Skull bass Conference
Date : 2022-12-04
Place : National Institute of ENT, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Description : This weekend was indeed a memorable one. I was invited to attend a live surgery workshop by the Bangladesh sinus and skull base society. The ambience was amazing and words would fall short to compliment the management. The audience was not only amazingly talented but also extremely active comprising of almost 250 ent surgeons. A huge thank to prof Abdul Matin , Prof Alamgir Chowdhury and Prof zakaria for holding this outstanding event.Another faculty dr Gaurav Medikeri was extremely talented and extraordinary surgeon, it was wonderful experience working with him.
Title :Live Operation and Conference
Date : 2022-11-26
Place : AOI IRHS Railway, Guwahati, Assam
Description : It was a great pleasure to receive an invitation from AOI IRHS railway, Guwahati, Assam, it is always challenging to operate in different OT, different setup , Infront of huge learned audience but with your blessings I have done it, thanks to the organizing team for inviting me.
Title :118th Live Surgical and Cadaver Dissection workshop
Date : 2022-08-27
Place : DR. Rao's ENT Super Specialty International Hospital, Hyderabad
Description : With your blessings and love I was invited to operate in Dr. Rao’s ent hospital in Hyderabad. I was invited as a surgical guest faculty to attend a workshop which included operating in front of some eminent doctors of this field. The invitation made me feel extremely special and the hosts as usual made me feel at home. I want to thank Dr. Rao sir for giving me this beautiful and incredibly honorable opportunity
Date : 2022-08-20
Place : BNR Officer's Club & Central Hospital SE Railway, Garden Reach Road, Kolkata
Description : It was my immense pleasure to be invited as a speaker at MIDAOICON, WB branch. The organization committee requires a special mention for such an amazing event. A hearty congratulations to Debasish Guha and Dr. Kailash Verma for this wonderful and successful conference.
Title :13th Live Surgical Workshop
Date : 2022-07-30
Place : Madhumani Nursing Home ,Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh
Description : I have operated in Madhumani Nursing Home , Nandyal (Andhra Pradesh) and might I say was I feeling so lucky to have done the surgery (mastoid inside out technique, reverse Stapedotomy, coblation tonsil, Adenoid in front of Dr. Jankiraman and Dr. Madhusudhan rao . Their expertise and skill packaged with a great ambience and good hospitality was what made it so memorable. Live surgery demonstration is always a challenge Infront of all these brilliant minds, but with your love and blessings a lot of it seems possible
Title :64th MAA ENT Live Surgical Workshop
Date : 2022-07-24
Place : MAA ENT Hospital, Hyderabad
Description : With your love and blessings I was invited in 2 consecutive workshops as a surgical faculties in Maa ENT Hospital (One of the premiere ENT institute in Hyderabad ). Thanks all for your support.
Title :63rd ENT Live Surgical Workshop
Date : 2022-05-14
Place : MAA ENT hospital, Hyderabad
Description : MAA ENT hospital in Hyderabad invited me as a surgical faculty and I was elated on receiving the news. It was an enriching experience and I realized how challenging it is to perform a surgery in front of your colleague and I’m honored they thought I was up for the challenge. Thank you so much for having me !
Title :49th Annual Conference on Otolaryngology
Date : 2022-03-28
Place : R.G. Kar Medical College & Hospital, Kolkata
Description : It was immense pleasure to be invited as a panelist and debate speaker in 49th aoiwbcon ,thanks to organizer for inviting me . It was great physical conference after 2 yrs.it was my favorite topic. "Thyroidectomy under microscope"
Title :48th Annual Conference on Otolaryngology
Date : 2020-02-02
Place : Sinclairs Tourist Resort, Purba Bardhaman.
Description : Sharing the stage with some Stallwarts of ENT, in Aoiwbcon 48, I was the panelist in secretary otitis media with legends prof Barin Kumar Roychaudhuri sir, Dr. Dipankar Mukherjee Sir Dr. Nandy Sir and Dr. Khaowas, good moderation by Dr. Soumen Banerjee. Thanks organization team for great organization and inviting me as a faculty.
Title :72th Annual Conference of the accusation Otolaryngologists of India, AOICON, VIDARBHA.
Date : 2020-01-09
Place : Maldives
Description : A banging start to 2020.My very first tour of the Mesmerising Island of Maldives followed by the national conference of AOI 2020 at Nagpur .It was an immense pleasure and honour sharing the stage with the legends of otolaryngology Dr. Santosh Kacckar, Dr. Vijayendra, Dr. Samir Bhargava, Dr. Dipak Dalmia and Dr. Meenes Juverkar as an expert panelist of 'Hurdles during Stapedotomy.' I had the privilege of also being invited to speak about 'Stapedotomy made easy' This conference was made memorable also because my Junior Dr. Srijoy Gupta of Ghosh ENT Foundation received the junior consultant award for cartilage ossiculoplasty paper. This conference was also important for Ghosh ENT Foundation because here we booked one zeiss extero latest microscope and one speice stroz camera for a better surgical outcome and mainly so our patients can go back home with a smile. I should congratulate Dr. Samir Bhargova, Dr. Nandu Kalwadkar, Dr. S. P. Dubey, Dr. Sanjay Agarwal for conducting an extraordinary conference.
Title :Live workshop on Colation Surgery
Date : 2019-12-09
Place : Rajshahi Medical college Hospital
Description : Live surgery demonstration in front of the same fraternity is always challenging. It was an immense pleasure to be invited as an international faculty in Rajshahi Medical college, Bangladesh for live surgery demonstration. Congratulations Prof Alamgir Choudhury for a great demonstration, and Congratulations to Dr Subrata Ghosh for outstanding organization ,facilities and hospitality. Lastly i cant forget the delicious Rajshahi Biriyani and Paan.
Title :5th International live Endoscopic Sinus & Skull Base Surgery Workshop
Date : 2019-12-10
Place : ShSMC, Dhaka
Description : It was immense pleasure to be invited as an international faculty in 'Bangladesh live endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery workshop' thanks to the organizers for such a great organization and hospitality. I was invited as a lecturer in CSF Rhinorrhea and a panelist in better "the outcome in sinus surgery ", live skull base surgery and sinus surgery demonstration. Congratulations to prof Alamgir Choudhary sir, Pr Khabiruddin Sir and prof Matin Sir for their outstanding arrangements and facilities and such a warm hospitality.
Title :Live surgical workshop on Endoscopic Ear Surgery
Date : 2019-12-16
Place : Ghosh ENT Foundation,
Description : Happy to organize the endoscopic ear surgery (truely scarless)live surgical workshop with the help of Smith& nephew in Ghosh ENT Foundation. I Thank Dr. Samit Lal and Dr. Sarena Preyer for the excellent surgical demonstration and also Dr. Debayan Tarafdar and Dr. Srijoy Gupta for their whole hearted support.
Title :28th Annual National conference on Otology
Date : 2019-11-15
Place : Kolkata
Description : Privileged and honored sharing the stage with some of the legends of ENT, Prof Barin Raychoudhury, Dr. Dipak Haldipur, Dr. Meenes Juverkar,Dr. Samit Lal, Dr. Illambharti for panel discussion, "Difficult situation in Stapedotomy surgery", thanks to the organizing committee ISOCON 2019 for giving me this opportunity.
Title :32 nd NEBAOICON - 2019
Date : 2019-11-10
Place : Nebaoi, Silchar.
Description : It was an immense pleasure to be invited as a guest faculty in nabaoicon, thank you to the organizer for the outstanding organization and the warm hospitality. I was invited as an expert panelist in 'better out come in sinus surgery " and it was an honor to lecture on the 'use of coblation beyond tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy and osa surgery '.Thank you to all my teachers, colleagues and well wishers for their constant support and blessings.
Title :5th International Conference & Live Surgery on Sleep Apnea
Date : 2019-10-27
Place : Bangladesh
Description : Honored to be invited in the 5th international conference and live surgery on sleep apnea , thanks to the organizing committee for giving me this opportunity to demonstrate the surgery infront of 320 delegates and lecture them, A special thanks to Khorshed Mazumder prof s m khorsed Mazumder for his extraordinary organizing capacity, magnificent hospitality and inspiring personality. Words would fall short to describe him. Thanks are in order for Abdul Matin prof Abdul matin for giving a true meaning for a person with a big heart and last but not the least prof mani lal aich litu for his amazing organization and his fantabulous personality. I was at awe throughout the entire event and the way everyone was so put together and carried the conference out with nothing but sheer finesse and perfection. I came back home with a smile on my face and a book full of new ideas and innovations.
Title :Live Sergical Workshop
Date : 2019-10-20
Place : Ghosh ENT Foundation, Unit I
Description : To organize live surgical workshop is always difficult including the selection of patients. Thanks to my two right hands Dr. Srijoy Gupta and Dr.Debayan Tarafdar for full support, the very efficient anesthetist dr. Saurabh Mukherjee thanks to all of the Ghosh ENT Foundation's staff for their tireless efforts, specially the OT staff for their relentless work , congratulations and thanks to Jayaprakash Reddy Dr. Sir for his support and good demonstration ,lastly thank you to cipla Inspira division for live streaming audiovisual, It will be stored in orient 2017,Any member of orient will able to see later the workshop later. 9 cases were there ,3 mastoid, 3 stapes, 3 Tympanoplasty, I did 3 stapes and one tympano, Dr J.P.Reddy with my team did one mastoid and 2 typmano for demonstration . And last but not the least thanks to the viewers for a very successful workshop.
Title :Live Workshop Coblation Surgery
Date : 2019-08-25
Place : Chittagong Medical College, Bangladesh
Description : It was immense pleasure to be invited as operating faculty in Chittagong Medical College infront of 100 distinguished delegates. One plenary session was delivered also "various uses of coblation (blood less) including angiofibroma, inverted papilloma ".thanks organizer for excellent arrangements, hospitality, special thanks to prof Dr. Alamgir Choudhury sir without his it was very difficult, prof Mozibul Haque, prof Mustafa Anwar and Dr. Nurul Karim Chowdhury.

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